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    BLOM Bank Egypt has obtained the Internet Banking Service License No. 18 from the Central Bank of Egypt on 3rd of December 2008.
    BLOM Bank Egypt has obtained the Mobile Wallet License No. 1086 from the Central Bank of Egypt on the 17th of May, 2018.
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    BLOM Wallet Security Tips

    BLOM Wallet Security Tips

    Dear valued customer,

    In addition to our strict security measures on Blom Wallet service; you have an important role to protect your mobile wallet and the privacy of your account data

    Create a unique password for BLOM Wallet

    • Use a unique password for your digital wallet to protect it against the risk of unauthorized access.
    • Keep your login credential secure

      • Avoid writing down your digital wallet login information in plain view or storing them in unprotected files to avoid their misuse.
      • Use a secure network connection

        • It's important to be connected only to the trusted networks. Avoid the use of public Wi-Fi networks. More secure and trusted Wi-Fi connections identified as "WPA2" requiring strong passwords should be used.
        • Keep your app software up to date

          • Using the latest version of your app software allows receiving important stability and security fixes timely. Updates can prevent problems of various severities, installing updates for all other software on your mobile or tablet is also significant to keep the wallet environment safe.
          • Enable passwords on devices before using BLOM Wallet

            • Strong passwords should be enabled on the user's phones or tablets. Additional layers of security provided by these devices should be used.
            • Avoid falling prey to social engineering tricks

              • Financial service providers and support staff will never ask their customers for sharing their private information such as passwords or payment account numbers over email requests or phone inquiries etc.
              • In case of receiving several SMS alerts requesting a SIM swap; the affected customer can act and stop this fraud in its tracks by contacting the mobile operator immediately.
              • The user should not switch off his/her cell phone in the event when numerous annoying calls are received, rather answering the calls should be avoided or blocked. This could be a ploy to get him/her to turn off the phone or put it on silent to prevent from noticing that connectivity has been tampered with. The customer should realize that when he/she is not receiving any calls or SMS notifications for a long time against his e-wallet uses, Enquiries should be made with the mobile operator to be sure about not falling victim to such scam.
              • Additional Important Tips

                • Read the terms and conditions carefully, as they are considered a legal obligation.
                • You may request to change your password by calling customer service center at 19233.
                • Applications for detecting and removing threats, including firewalls, virus and malware detection and intrusion-detection systems, mobile security solutions are highly recommended to be installed and activated.
                • Inform the bank immediately in the case of losing your phone or abandoning the number used in the account creation to close the account.
                • You should not disclose any personal information - such as identity card, passport, address, or bank account number - to anyone who has not verified their identity or to use suspicious mobile applications.
                • In the case of downloading the application through the mobile store; users should be aware of and verify the authenticity of the official BLOM Wallet application and make sure that the developer is BLOM Bank Egypt.
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