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    BLOM Bank Egypt has obtained the Internet Banking Service License No. 18 from the Central Bank of Egypt on 3rd of December 2008.
    BLOM Bank Egypt has obtained the Mobile Wallet License No. 1086 from the Central Bank of Egypt on the 17th of May, 2018.
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    Electronic Payments

    BLOM Bank Egypt is providing government dues collection services through its branches (not limited to blom clients) in coordination with the e-finance company, which is responsible for the operation and management of the Ministry of Finance's (MOF's) electronic payment and collection unit.

    This service allows the payment of the following government accruals via the nearest BLOM Bank branch such as:
    • Egyptian Tax Authority (VAT) ,
    • Egyptian Customs Authority dues,
    • Payment of certain fees of Alexandria Port Authority,
    • Payment of student fees for certain universities

    For more updates and information on the list of governmental entities participated in this service kindly visit


    • Relieving customers from money transit risks.
    • Carrying out cash payment at any time during the year.
    • Avoiding the loss of personal/banking/certified checks.
    • Providing immediate and real-time service with respect to all government payments.
    • Saving time and effort.
    • Servicing all customers (not limited to BLOM BANK’s customers).
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