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    BLOM Bank Egypt has obtained the Internet Banking Service License No. 18 from the Central Bank of Egypt on 3rd of December 2008.
    BLOM Bank Egypt has obtained the Mobile Wallet License No. 1086 from the Central Bank of Egypt on the 17th of May, 2018.
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    Treasury services

    Our Treasury Group manages BLOM Bank Egypt investments, related interest rates and Foreign exchange exposures together with managing cash flows, liquidity within the frame of the Treasury Policy set by the Board together with monitoring the Bank’s assets and Liabilities through the Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO).
    Our Treasury Group serves BLOM Bank Egypt’s clients through a wide range of products managed by a highly experienced professional team.

    Foreign Exchange

    Fulfills the needs of the bank’s clients for buying and selling foreign currencies against the Egyptian Pounds & other major currencies with very competitive prices on the spot & forward markets where forward transactions allows clients to eliminate exchange rate risk.

    The BLOM Bank Group has received an award from Global Finance as “The Best Foreign Exchange bank in Lebanon” in 2014 (BLOM BANK EGYPT FX activity is a part of the Group).

    Money Markets

    The Money Market Desk in BLOM Bank Egypt offers competitive interest rates in the market to serve clients' needs for different products in Local & Foreign currency-Time deposits, Saving Accounts, Current Accounts, Certificates of Deposits and BLOM Golden Deposits in addition to money market hedging tools from the IRS and FRA.


    To hedge our clients foreign exchange risk and interest rate exposure, our clients are offered competitive quotations for currency swap transactions, options, Forward Rate Agreement (FRAs) & Interest Rate Swap (IRS).

    Corporate Desk

    Our Corporate Desk serve BLOM Bank Egypt corporate clients, providing them with the best services and consultancy to get the optimum investment solutions in order to cover their needs and to maintain their required profitability and liquidity.

    Fixed Income

    Our fixed income desk manages the fixed income portfolio of the bank through buying and selling Treasury bills, Bonds & Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) open market instruments in the primary and secondary markets. It further offers BLOM Bank Egypt clients the best opportunities to fulfill their needs from all the fixed income tools.

    Capital Market

    Our Capital Market Desk manages BLOM Bank Egypt's portfolio through highly qualified calibers.
    We serve our clients in buying and selling securities in the Local and International markets through our fully owned brokerage company BLOM Securities as well as providing BLOM Bank custody services with very competitive fees and commissions.

    Structured Products

    BLOM Bank Egypt provides their wealthy clients with a wide range of tailor made products backed by BLOM Bank Switzerland’s strong experience in private banking to meet our clients’ special requirements.
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